Capt. Alastair Hopper


With operational experience in Western and Central Canada and South/South East Asia, Alastair has years of experience on helicopters in diverse flying conditions over 3 continents.

Alastair has completed pilot safety courses, Canadian Approved Mountain Course and Nepal’s high altitude test. Operating from the high mountains of Canada to jungle tropics, Alastair brings Sling and Longline experience with a multitude of landings from high glaciers and volcano craters to confined jungle clearings and much more.

Alastair has a strong passion for photography and videography including drone operation, you can be sure to see a camera in his hand or close by.

He enjoys various adventure sports including paragliding, speed riding, kite surfing and surfing. I’m sure while flying, he is on the lookout for mountains to fly off of or trails to bike.

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