Human Sling Operation

Kailash Helicopter has well expert and team of experienced panel who are capable of human sling operation at every difficulty and every geographical region. Be it at the time of any natural calamity, or any unforeseen circumstances – sling operations to lift up any human from any geographical region. Kailash Helicopter is technically built to […]


Adventure Flights

Nepal’s topography is filled up with plains, hills and mountains – what would one seek there rather than aerial view? Kailash Helicopter will let you explore them all through best of adventure filled Heli packages. We offer adventure flights to explore the jungle of Chitwan, to Mountain View flights. The scenic adventure flights from snow […]


Cargo Sling Operation

Cargo Sling Operation requires technical knowledge among the team members, pilot and technically built craft. Kailash Helicopter ensures technically equipped cargo transportation and sling task from various regions with the help of well trained specialist who own enough of experience to load up anything from anywhere. The technical team would carefully look over the capacity, […]


Medical evacuation and rescue

In order to overcome medical emergencies, it is important to ensure quick medical evacuation. Timely medical evacuation could be required at any phase of time, and Kailash Helicopter is always ready to start up engine staying in alert position to fly to remote regions throughout Nepal. Kailash Helicopter has team of expert team member who […]


Aerial Filming, Photography

The entire series of aerial filing and photography is something highly specialized which would require correct helicopter, with right equipment and well experienced pilot who would understand the ultimate need of the film crews. The Helicopter introduced by Kailash Helicopter Service possesses access to any filming and photography practice. Kailash Helicopter team members are well […]

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