Kailash Helicopter Services is all set to commence the commercial operations!

Kailash Helicopter Services Pvt. Ltd.  is all set to commence the commercial operations in the country from tomorrow March 24,2018.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal  (CAAN) today issued the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to commence commercial Operation from Brand new AS350 B3e helicopter.

Airbus manufactured AS350 B3e chopper is renowned globally for high altitude search and rescue mission with an impressive cargo-sling load capacity. The chopper has service ceiling of 23,000 feet will be used in different services such as Medical Evacuation, Corporate Flights, Human/Cargo sling Operations, High Altitude Operations, Aerial Survey, Sightseeing, Mountain Flights & other special adventure missions. “It will help promote Nepal’s tourism industry,”

The company has added one more AS350 B2 helicopter in its fleet and it will come into operation in near future.

According to the Airbus, the H125 series are currently in-service worldwide, and are mainly used for high performance missions in high & hot conditions. “The H125 is a member of Airbus Helicopters’ rugged and proven Ecureuil family and some 6,000 Ecureuils have been delivered in nearly 120 countries for some 1,800 operators.”

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