How to increase risk significantly in simple 10 steps?

Practicing and following principles below can increase the risk significantly:
Safety is Safety department responsibilities and they shall ensure the overall safety of the organization as it’s their job responsibilities.

Destiny cannot be changed– What will happen will happen and no human possess the power to change the destiny
Accident and Incidents are destined, we might work on to mitigate it but it will ultimately happen

Procrastinate on safety issues- if someone observes the hazard, it means that it was there before he/she observed and as it didn’t had any significant impact so far on the safety .Acting on it later will not endanger the safety .

Safety for Authority– Our action and resources shall be used to ensure that authority believes that we are in compliance with their regulations.

People cannot be changed– Each individual has different character and personalities.Trainings/workshop etc are part of compliance but it cannot change people’s attitude and behavior.

Training is a waste of time – It will never be able to prepare us for real life situations, in time an emergency person shall handle the situation effectively. All the personnels who have been involved in accidents/incidents in the past had been trained .

Predictive Actions are a waste of time– No organization and personnel can predict the future and to establish a barrier for possible risk is a waste of resources and time.

Safety is an expense– Investment on safety does not yield return to companies, it only adds up the cost.

No Risk No Gain– If one is looking forward to the gain, one must compromise safety and accept the risk.

Reporting is Trouble– Management will investigate who have reported and will take grievances over the report. Reporting errors and hazards exposes the infectivity of personnels. To stay in a good book and stay out of trouble, stay out of reporting culture.

If you do not believe in above principles and want to embrace safety enhancement, then follow principals as below

Safety is everyone’s responsibilities
Line Technicians/ Fuel Refueling personnels who are loading or refueling has more potential to cause damage or injury to aircraft and personnels than the Safety Manager sitting in his office drafting a new SMS procedure. Therefore, each individual from Top-Bottom shall embrace the safety responsibilities to ensure safety in their working domain.

There is no destiny but a goal of continuous safety Effective SMS does not eliminate the risk but minimizes the probability of having one and ensures the outcome has least significant impact.

Faster the Better Acting now is always more effective and efficient than acting later. It helps to minimize the hazard in its current form whereas procrastination may scale up the effort required to control and mitigate the same risk.

Safety for Us– Primary goal of SMS is to help organizations prevent and mitigate unforeseen circumstances which may result in huge financial and human loss.

People Evolve Continuously – People are evolving physically and psychologically every day every hour. Stimulus we are experiencing shapes how we evolve and organizations shall ensure that they sow the right culture, practices and training for employees to evolve in the right direction.

Training is to prepare employees so that they do not waste time and resources– Training is the least expensive practice compared to learning from mistakes or accumulating experience over the period.

Predictive Actions are to ensure that we do not waste time and resources

Safety is investment

Calculated Risk for Maximization of Gain

Reporting is to avoid Future Trouble



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