What are the common types of flights that are being operated?
Kailash Helicopter has been offering wide range of flights as per the needs of clients like Sightseeing tour, Aerial Mountain, Heli Trekking, Aerial Filming and Photography, Rescue Evacuation, Sky diving, business or VIP Flights, Emergency medical evacuation flights etc. The flights can be customized as per the need of the clients of course.

Which are the popular pilgrimage packages in Nepal?
Nepal is filled with pilgrimage spaces, as there are wide range of holy places in Nepal to visit with high altitude. Mt. Kailash, Muktinath, Damodar Kunda, Pathivara Mai, Gosaikunda, Halesi are popular Hindu and Buddhist destination at high altitudes. Kailash Helicopter Service Pvt Ltd also provides Lumbini Trip package.

They say, when in Nepal, mountains flights should not be missed. What are the Mountain Flight Packages that you offer?
Nepal is known as country of mountain after all. While we have been offering various mountain flights like Everest View Package, Langtang Flight, Annapurna Base Camp flight frequently, we do have provisions for customized flight packages as per the interest of clients thereby.

What is different between heli trekking and heli tour?
While heli trekking is short term, blend of flight and trek; heli tour is entirely a helicopter ride experience. In heli trekking, helicopter will take you till certain specified place letting you trek for the time being and after you come back; will fly you back. Where as heli tour lets you observe and feel the beauty of nature taking you directly to specified destination. Example : Heli trekking will take you till Jomsom and let you trek till Muktinath; where as in heli tour, the fight will take you directly up to Muktinath.

Upon any emergencies, what are the carry over’s?
We have connection with hospitals in best hospitals of Nepal, with well skilled doctors. Hence, upon any such emergencies we have air ambulance service with air lift which would carry to the best hospitals. There is nothing to worry on this anyway as we will not leave anything to inquire in regard to medical evacuation.

How skilled are the pilots?
As we have hired best pilots who has got international experience; along with experience within Nepal – we term them ‘Best Pilots’ who have not left a single complains till date. We are proud of that anyway.

What payment method is used for directly going through your company?
We accept all kind of payments including credit card, traveler’s cheques, telex transfer, SWIFT transfer, guarantee letter, telex transfer along with cash.

What are your booking and cancellation policies?
We request you to make pre booking before 15 days of the flight depositing the initial amount of 25%. If cancellation is made before 7 days, 100% refund will be made; if made within 7-24 hours, 50% refund will be granted. If it is less than 24 hours, there will not be any refund.

Is there any sort of age restriction or gender restriction while making Heli Ride?
Certainly not, until and unless you are restricted by your medical doctor.

Do you charge kids?
Upon charter rate, we do charge the full charge without caring what number of passengers are there inside. Infants are not treated as passengers though.

Is photography actually possible?
Sure and certain as we do have small sliding window installed there, from where you can take out your lens for capturing views. For those on the back, will have to click from glass window itself.

Can we be troubled by weather conditions?
Weather situation are uncertain and the helicopters in Nepal follow Visual Flight Rules at the time of flight. We get to test the visibility and we take off only if the weather is suitable enough.

How reliable can weather be?
Depending upon your time, the weather would be deciding how to behave. November-January are the best time that you can trust weather in Nepal. But, at any time, we ensure your safety first – we will not fly if we find anything skeptic.

How high can your fleet fly?
Operation service ceiling 23,000 feet (7000 meter)

Can we trust on the flight in regard to safety?
Till date, we have never recorded any such incidents that you need to worry of. Kailash Helicopter has been flying in Nepalese air with pride and glory – and you can completely trust us upon that.

Do you have customized trip – that we can opt for?
Yes of course, as we are entirely customer focused, we will fly as per your desire. You can choose your destination and then we will fly accordingly. You can decide up your destination.

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