Aviation Safety

Safety Culture

I believe some of us may have closed our eyes and prayed, I myself have done this when I got it in social media. Share it to next 5 person within next 10 seconds……. I did it in 5 second Just imagine a Safety Culture where people would just report hazard, when they see Hazard […]


How to increase risk significantly in simple 10 steps?

Practicing and following principles below can increase the risk significantly: ● Safety is Safety department responsibilities and they shall ensure the overall safety of the organization as it’s their job responsibilities. ● Destiny cannot be changed- What will happen will happen and no human possess the power to change the destiny Accident and Incidents are […]


About Quality Management System (QMS) with Mr. S.P. Adhikari (QA Manager)

Can you please tell us more about this QMS which was introduced in year 2022? From Jan-1-2022, Kailash Helicopter Services Pvt Ltd. adopted and formalized the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS). Earlier QMS was part of CAME and MOE and limited to Maintenance and Airworthiness Department. With the aim for continuous improvement and enhanced […]


Who is the culprit?

“An aircraft had to make an emergency landing” As soon as we hear this, the sequence of thought comes in our mind which generally follows like 1) Who is the pilot 2) Who is the AME who certified that 3) I heard Pilot had the bad reputation 4) AMEs definitely didn’t do his job properly And […]


Kailash Helicopter conducted Ramp Safety Training for its employees!

Kailash Helicopter conducted Ramp Safety Training for its employees. This customized workshop was conducted to help improve safety management skills and encourage employee’s participation in safety culture. This workshop shall help employees recognize the hazards that are part of their workday and determine actions they can take to reduce chance of untoward incidents. This One-day […]


Kailash Helicopter participated in the Aviation Safety Campaign workshop!


Kailash Helicopter participated in the Aviation Safety Campaign organized by Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AAON) from 12-14 August 2018, the goal of this workshop is to create rotorcraft community with zero accidents in Nepal and ensure safer helicopter operation. Kailash Helicopter team management, safety supervisors, pilots, maintenance engineers, operation personnel who are committed with […]

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