H125-AS350B3E model is widely recognized as high altitude helicopter, suited for high altitude flights throughout the globe. Operating the Astar B3E Engine, this craft enables the entire process flow throughout meeting FAR 27 regulations for. It has been offering maximum internal gross weight of 2370kg. Designed basically for aerial work, fire fighting, police surveillance, passenger transport, EMS in hot/high ambient condition, it has wonderful performance in hoists operations too. Able to carry around 105.9 feet square cargo in cabin; this layout is able to carry 1 pilot along with 5 passengers in standard version.
Unobstructed cabin with appropriate reconfiguration is the special feature that this craft has that creates suitable for wide range of services.


This model is widely known for best performing single engine helicopter because of its proven track record, flexibility and easy acquisition. Globally, this craft is widely used for aerial work, passenger transport, police support and observation, emergency medical services and several layers of training. Fitted with large instrument panel AS350 B2 is able to carry loads more than 1 ton. This craft complies with European rules JAR OPS 3. It is fitted with new control panel installed in the console where circuit breakers are used instead of fuses. Spacious and comfortable cabin are primary concern of this craft where 5 passengers would easily adjust excluding pilot. It has wide, unobstructed cabin and has low fuel consumption pattern; which is high range and has high payload feature. This craft is capable of carrying load more than 1 ton, and is capable of taking loads of all type – external along with internal load transport.

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