About Quality Management System (QMS) with Mr. S.P. Adhikari (QA Manager)

Can you please tell us more about this QMS which was introduced in year 2022?

From Jan-1-2022, Kailash Helicopter Services Pvt Ltd. adopted and formalized the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS).
Earlier QMS was part of CAME and MOE and limited to Maintenance and Airworthiness Department. With the aim for continuous improvement and enhanced safety, QMS was reintroduced .It acts as surveillance and monitoring system for all departments to ensure safe and quality service.

“Quality,” as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9000:2005,1 is “the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics
fulfils requirements.”
Set of Inherent Characteristics in our case includes

  • Compliance with International and National Requirements, Regulations and Policies
  • Compliance with TC Holder/STC Holder Standard and requirements
  • Delivery of expected service
  • Ontime and Safe Operation

Why QMS and why now?
With adaptation of EASA system in Technical Departments, technical departments are mandated to develop and implement QMS .For other department which are still in compliance with existing system there was no or very limited roles of Quality System. This created a difference in working adaptation between departments of same
Example: At average technical department have 3-5 internal audits per year whereas there was no internal audit in operation and other departments.

So with the similar aim on bringing the continuous improvement and accountability among all concern employees, QMS was adopted and implemented in all departments.

“better late than never”

The process of implementation is still in infant stage but have you observed any changes?
Yes, i have observed a very good positive start. Few of the things i observed are
1) Managers are now going through policies and requirements more often than before
2) Operation department has welcomed the audit which helped me to push further for continuous improvement
3) Positive discussions on regulation and requirements has started among departments
4) Findings have helped us to develop system which are more specific to our company and which are more compatible.


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