Month: January 2019

Indian climbers evacuated from Camp II of Mt Kanchenjunga


Two Indian climbers who suffered from serious frostbite while attempting to climb Mt Kanchenjunga, have been evacuated from Camp II early this morning by Kailash Helicopter under the command of the renowned high-altitude rescue pilot Maurizio Folini. After several attempts of evacuation Capt. Folini finally evacuated the duo Ramesh Chandra Roy and Rudra Prasad Halder. […]


Heli tour in Nepal, a special way to explore mystical Himalayas!

Why would someone visit Nepal? Obviously, to explore the geographical beauty of Nepal. The flowing rivers, the shiny mountains, the grasslands, the hills and the unique culture – all combines up to ensure the greatness of Nepalese lifestyle, Nepalese beauty. For those, who are in Nepal for shorter period of time, but wants to experience […]

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